Dot (Tom Schmidt)
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2012                       Mike Ivanitsky Photography award runner up at Foothill College

6-2015                    selected by Beautiful Magazine to be featured in their Sex 2015 exhibit with Guilty Pleasures (click here)

6-2015                    finalist in 2015 Photo Contest by Next Magazine for contemporary gay life (click here)


10-30-2011             solo show titled Theatrotica at the Eros Club in San Francisco 

4-12-2012               solo show featuring works from Sons of God at SF LGBT Center 

1-4-2013                 solo show featuring work from The Classic Beauty of Male Escorts in San Francisco at Magnet SF

4-25-2015               Unicorn at the PowerHouse, featuring works from Guilty Pleasures

4-18-2015               Queericulum Queer Arts Festival at The Center SF, featuring works from Guilty Pleasures

4-15-2015               Collective Vision Group Show at Krause Center for Innovation (KCI) at Foothill College, featuring works from my Cured? series.

4-28-2015               Unicorn at the PowerHouse, featuring works from Truvada Whore

6-20-2015               ViewPoints Group Show at PhotoCentral Gallery, featuring works from Cured

8-1-2015                 featured in gaypv magazine (click here)

11-13-2015             coverage of Cured? in Bay Area Reporter (click here)

12-2015                   feature article in The Male Form Magazine Winter 2016 (click here)

1-2016                     photos for spread on BeBe Sweetbriar in Gloss Magazine (click here)

1-2016                     Unicorn at the PowerHouse, featuring works from Triptych Series

3-4-2016                 March Forth group Portrait show in SF, featuring works from Triptych series (click here)

3-5-2016                 leading Photography Workshop for Muse at GroundSwell

4-15-2016               photo spread of fitness model Gage for Gloss Magazine (click here)

6-25-2016               fashion spread featuring the fashion of Ben Copperwheat for Gay Pride 2016 edition of Gloss Magazine

7-2016                     photos from Cured? featured on PBS News Hour series on End of AIDS (click here)

7-2016                     photos from Temptation series featured on (click here)

8-2016                     photos from SuperFood series features on (click here)     

3-5-2017                 leading workshop on Photography of the Queer Resistance at Muse:Revolution at the Groundswell Institute

3-2017                     photos of model Romeo featured on

5-2017                     Dance Naked photos of male Dancers in May show at Art Saves Lives Gallery in San Francisco

5-2017                     Photos of Bernadette Bohan featured in spread in Left Magazine (click here)

8-2017                     Part of Creative Labor's Queer Open Studios (click here)

8-2017                     Photographs for BeBe Sweetbriar's Unity feature in Gloss Magazine 

10-2017                   October Show at Art Saves Lives Gallery (also featuring 7 photographers from my workshops)

11-2017                   Participated in ArtSpan Open Studios at the Box Factory in San Francisco

12-2-2017               photo show and sale at Unicorn at the PowerHouse in San Francisco

1-2018                     photo spread in All That Glitters is Gold feature in Left Magazine

2-2018                     nominated for Bay Area Reporter 2018 Bestie Award for Best Night Time Event Photographer

2-2018                     cover photograph for GED (Gay Entertainment Directory) February 2018 (click here)

4-2018                     photos featured in Beautiful Magazine (click here)

6-2018                     photos of Chickpea (Brian Busta) featured in SF Travel (click here)

6-2018                     photos of Chickpea (Brian Busta) featured in Left Magazine

6-2018                     Photos of Strobe (Luis Canales) feature in Pozitively Aware (click here)

6-2018                     photo spread from Sons of God series feature in Mascular Magazine Spring 2018 (click here)

12-2018                   photos featured in gay cities online magazine (click here)

6-2019                     Photos of Jaden featured in Pride Edition of Gloss Magazine (click here)


  • Fruits
  • Artistic Porn Star
  • Not Just Another Pretty Face (from Beautiful Dreamer Press)
  • Sons of God
  • Escort - the Classic Beauty of Male Escorts in San Francisco
  • Comfort & Joy
  • Guilty Pleasures
  • Cured?
  • Leap
  • photographs featured in The Success of Excess - The Life and Art of Bill Bowers by Irina Averkieff
  • work has appeared in magazines such as M Magazine, Gloss Magazine, and Radical Faerie Digest.  It has also been featured by and websites.

Work & Employment

  • Photographer in Residence at SupperClub San Francisco [2012-2014]
  • Assistant Photographer & Photo Editor at Lisa DeNeffe Photography [2015 - present]
  • founder & lead instructor of Photography of the Male Nude Workshops in San Francisco [2014 - present]